Path to Independence Podcast Series

We are proud to bring you our six-part Path to Independence podcast series where we share stories, hints and tips on how to continue enjoying life at home as you age on your own terms.

Starting October 17, each week for six weeks, we will bring you a new episode in our series on living a healthy, happy and independent life at home.

Hosted by radio personality, life coach and family therapist Joanna Maxwell, the series explores the lives of everyday people choosing to age at home and the different and unique situations they have created that work well for them.

Plus, Joanna speaks with industry experts, counselors and physiologists; all sharing tips on getting the most out of the various formal and informal supports available and sharing advice on how to enjoy happy and healthy relationships at home as we age.

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Episode 1 – Home Care from the carer’s perspective, Jack and Kim’s story

Kim has recently moved back to the family home to help her 91 year old father Jack and is finding her new role as a carer in her dad’s life both rewarding and challenging.

Part one in our six part Path to Independence series explores the carer relationship, the impact on both the carer and the person they are providing care to and explores the various services available to support carers and their loved ones in the home. Plus, host Joanna Maxwell talks with counselor and physiotherapist Alex Roberts on how to maintain a healthy carer relationship and avoid ‘care giver’s burnout’.

Episode 2 – Host Joanna Maxwell speaks to 74 year inspirational Di about her decision to get home care

“Make everyday a favourite day!” shares 74 years young Di Tranter, a quote from Winnie the Pooh. Di talks to host Joanna Maxwell how a recent major surgery led her to consider more home care services and describes how these decisions impact her daily life, sharing her positive and inspirational outlook on enjoying life, care and relationships.

We learn from Di’s story that home care is very individual, it is not a cookie cutter thing. It puts older people in control of the important decisions, their provider, the budget, their care plan. A home care package is based around your own goals and interests. What is meaningful to you and will help you stay at home, and avoid hospital and residential care.

Joanna Maxwell also speaks to case manager Deb Johnson who explains a little bit about what to expect from home care services and how home care packages can be used in unexpected ways.

Episode 3 – How couples manage at home as they get older, Clara and Joseph’s story

Strong relationships are critical to ageing well. They provide social interaction, intimacy as well as practical and emotional support.

Research shows that if you are part of a couple, your happiness will rise and fall in sync with your partner, especially if you’ve been together for a long time.

Presenter Joanna Maxwell speaks to couple Clara and Joseph, who are in their early 80s. The couple moved to Australia from Egypt 50 years ago and have been together for over 60 years.

Clara and Joseph share the importance of family relationships in their life and how accessing home care services has helped them continue their lives, hold onto their independence and stay living together in their family home.

Episode 4 – Adjusting to the change, Anna’s story

Having a sense of purpose and control in your life is really important. It doesn’t have to be a grand thing, but finding that balance of adaptability and self-directedness can help you live longer and make you happier too.

Host Joanna Maxwell speaks to Anna Ayesha, a 67-year-old whose recent car accident left her needing day-to-day help. As a true individual who doesn’t want to slow down, Anna shares how home care has not only helped her keep her quality of life, but has also given her time to herself to do the things she really loves.

Joanna Maxwell also speaks to general manager Emma Brierty who explains the role of home care providers in promoting people’s independence as they and their families adjust to change.

Episode 5 – Keeping an active lifestyle, Brian’s story

80 year old Brian has kept a busy and active lifestyle, his wife and he having fostered 242 children and proudly winning ‘Pride of Australia’ in 2006.

The ever positive and contagiously bright Brian talks about the things that give him joy and satisfaction and how home care assists in helping him get the most out of life living independently at home.

Host Joanna Maxwell discussed the three key areas of maintaining an active lifestyle including mental, physical and social elements and chats to wellness and activity specialist Jan Stuelcken about the benefits of activity, enjoying hobbies and staying creative and how “Grabbing life with both hands”can make your life much more rewarding.

Episode 6 – Managing stress and learning new skills, Julie’s story

Julie Soulis is an inspiration at 84. With family and loved ones no longer living close by, she took to teaching herself social media and how to use the Internet with a fervour when she was given an old phone from her son.

She now enjoys researching different things of interest online and keeps in touch with her grand-kids via Facebook.

For Julie, learning a new skill and accepting support has been life changing.

Host Joanna Maxwell also speaks to Leesa Potter, General Manager Eastern States, who sums up the series nicely by talking about the benefits of asking for help when you need it. Julie’s story and those of many others are a testament to the benefits of getting help to keep your independence, not lose it.


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