Partners in health

St Ives Home Care works closely with various leading healthcare practitioners and providers to offer comprehensive choices to our clients, and to provide older Australians with streamlined access to the most suitable care options in their area.

We work closely with a variety of providers and government bodies in the wider aged, community and healthcare industries including our preferred providers, local primary health networks, government bodies, hospitals, assessment teams, allied health providers, pharmacists and community health professionals.

We are proud to be working with various federal, state and local governments and non-government organisations to provide our services in the community including the Department of Health, Department of Social Services, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and Home and Community Care Program.

We can help your clients, residents and patients access the right care when they need it. St Ives Home Care has developed a variety of resources aimed to make accessing home care much simpler.

Some of these resources include referral forms, tear off pads, brochures, handy guides, conversation starter guides and presentations for your staff or customers.

You can order free packs, brochures and resources, plus book a FREE ‘Aged Care made simple’ presentation for your practice or village using our order form or you can get in touch.

Preferred providers

St Ives Home Care works closely with a panel of our preferred providers in order to offer a comprehensive range of service and support options to our clients through their home care package.

Our partners provide a range of specialist services such as low and high assistive technology, continence management aids, home modifications and adaptations, medication management aids, equipment hire and allied health.

These relationships means our clients not only get competitively priced consumables and services under their home care package, made affordable through bulk order arrangements, but they are also assured of quality and timely services from top national providers.

Our retirement village partners

St Ives Home Care works closely with several leading retirement villages and senior living organisation including Ingenia Communities and St Ives Retirement Living to offer a continuum of care to those wishing to continue enjoying their retirement lifestyle.

We offer customised care options and a range of aged care consultation services to retirees living in these villages.

Partnering with us

If you are interested in working more closely with St Ives Home Care, please get in touch. We are also happy to share resources with you to provide your clients, patients and residents. You can order free resources for your practice, village or healthcare organisation using our order form.

Enquire about partnering with us