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I'm in a queue for home care and can't wait

If you are waiting for an assessment for yourself or a loved one or waiting for your letter from My Aged Care, you can consider other government subsidised care programs or private care options.

We offer a discounted package Support While You Wait which is available up to 12 weeks while you wait. It offers 5 hours of popular services weekly for just $225

I don’t want to go into a nursing home. Is home care the right option for me or my loved one?

Most people want to stay at home as they age. However, a sudden incident or loss can prompt questions surrounding needing additional support and care.

St Ives Home Care provides all 4 levels of government subsidised home care packages as well as private care options, enabling you to live in the place you call home for as long as you want. These home care services are personalised and coordinated to adapt to your changing needs.

Services in a home care package or under St Ives Private Care can also be designed to help prevent any health deterioration or sudden accidents like a fall that can result in hospitalisation or the need for higher level care.

Rest assured, a lot of people manage to age happily at home and the support is available to do this on your own terms.

If your goal is to stay healthy and happy at home, then a home care package can assist you to do this.

What is a home care package?

A home care package is a government subsidised package of care designed to help older Australians to live at home for as long as they wish based on their own needs.

There are 4 levels of stepped home care packages available, each based on your level of care needs. Level 1 is designed to meet basic support needs and level 4 suits those with higher clinical care needs.

If you want to continue enjoying your independence at home but need some assistance to maintain your health and wellbeing, a home care package may be right for you.

What is CDC and what does it mean for me?

From July 2015, all home care providers are required to offer all of their home care packages on a Consumer Directed Care or CDC basis.

CDC is a new way of providing care in the home under government subsidised home care packages. CDC puts you, the consumer, along with your family, in control of the important decisions regarding your care.

CDC enables you to actively partner with your provider of choice and take greater control of the services you feel will most enhance your life. You can be involved with things like setting your own goals, choosing the types of care and support services you might need, managing what you spend on them and choosing when and how those services are delivered.

The beauty of CDC is that you can choose just how much or how little involvement you would like.

You can make all the important decisions (providing they meet legal, clinical and safety requirements) relating to your care. Please note however that fully self-managed packages do incur a fee to cover legal, compliance and funding administration components, and case management for assessment, review and monitoring.

Or, if you prefer not to worry about some elements of your package, don’t have the time or don’t feel you have the skills, you can choose St Ives Home Care to take care of all aspects of your CDC home care package for you.

No matter how much involvement you would like, you remain in control. You can work with your dedicated care manager to help assemble your customised package and they will be there to provide support and advice on an ongoing basis, in order to meet your changing needs.

When might Private Care be a better option than a home care package?

If you’re not eligible for government subsidised packages or they don’t fully meet your needs then private care may be the option for you.

You can use private care to ‘top up’ your existing government subsidised package with extra services if your home care package doesn’t stretch.

Private care services might also suit those looking to put care in place very quickly such as in an emergency situation for example when a loved one needs to go to hospital.

Private care might suit those needing interim support whilst waiting for a government assessment or referral to subsidised services.

I’m a health practitioner. How can I help my patients/clients get the home care they need?

St Ives Home Care works very closely with a variety of healthcare professionals to ensure those looking for care are able to get consistent and simple information.

We provide a variety of free resources for GP and allied health clinics, pharmacists and hospitals.

Please visit our Healthcare partners pages to order free resources for your practice.


How much does home care cost?

A good home care provider can work to your budget, whether that is helping you access care with the costs subsidised by the government or considering private, full fee care.

The government subsidises most of the costs of care under its various programs. Where people can afford to pay for part of their care, they are asked to according to their ability to contribute.

Very basically a home care package can cost between $139 per fortnight through to $538 out of pocket depending on a person’s pension status, the level of home care package, and an income test by the Department of Social Services.

Where people cannot afford to pay at all, there are hardship measures in place. Your provider can help with any applications where they apply.

Under home care packages you will have a budget to manage with the assistance of your provider. You can determine what your budget is spent on and will be able to see all the funds available to you for your care.

Private services do not have a government subsidy and you pay the full fee for service. Depending on what service you would like, private services can be bundled up to get weekly or monthly savings.

The cost depends on the type of service you need, starting from the costs of a cleaner through to allied health specialists.

Simply speak to a friendly St Ives Home Care consultant to receive a quote based on your needs or click on the link below to learn more about the costs.


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