circle-team2Valued and diverse team

Our diverse, talented and committed team are the key to our success.

We enjoy an energetic, supportive and safe workplace, where the professional and personal development of staff goes hand-in-hand with the growth of our rapidly expanding national operations.

We employ over 500 team members across Australia, who work in a wide variety of roles, and employees are actively encouraged to pursue varied career opportunities within the organisation.

We aim to attract, nurture and retain the very best people, creating an environment where team members are encouraged to perform to the best of their ability and are recognised for their individual and unique contributions.

And although we offer a diverse range of services and we work in many different places, our team share a common vision – that is to provide the very best service, support and care to our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing all our staff with a fun and dynamic workplace where team spirit and active knowledge sharing across all our business areas is encouraged.

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Flexible work hours

With our large and diverse workforce, St Ives Home Care considers flexibility to be an important part of a successful team.

Depending on your job role and your lifestyle, we can consider different work arrangements.

Our staff enjoy job share, part time and full time arrangements, rostered days off and flexible start circle-bright-sparksand finish times.

Recognising and rewarding our bright sparks

We have both formal and informal recognition and rewards programs, recognising and rewarding high performing staff members.

Staff also undergo regular performance reviews where individuals and their supervisors are encouraged to identify career goals and put a plan in place to achieve them.