circle-home-care-costsAt St Ives Home Care we are committed to helping you get the best quality of care, no matter your budget.

Though the government subsidises the majority of home care services, depending on your ability to pay, you will be asked to contribute where you can.

Here is an explanation of some the costs that might apply to your home care package.

Costs for home care packages

Home care packages fees are broken out into basic daily fees and income-tested care fees.

Basic daily fee

Each recipient of a home care package is asked to pay a basic daily fee (daily care fee) of up to 17.5% of the single basic Age Pension. That equates to $139.02 per person per fortnight. Each year (between 20 March and 20 September), this fee increases in line with changes to the Age Pension.

Income-tested care fee

You may need to contribute more towards the cost of your home care depending on your income. The Department of Human Services will assess your ability to contribute to the cost of your care based on your income. Unlike residential care, the value of assets such as your home are not included in this assessment.

If you receive a means tested Australian income support payment from Centrelink, such as the Age Pension or Disability Support Pension, or you receive a Service Pension or Income Support Supplement from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) you will not need a means tested income assessment.

You will only be asked to pay an income-tested care fee if your annual income exceeds the following approximate thresholds:

  • individual person – $25,711.40
  • member of a couple separated from partner due to illness (individual income) – $25,243.40, and
  • member of a couple living with partner (combined income) – $39,925.60.

I can’t afford to contribute to my home care

If you cannot afford to contribute to the costs of your home care, you may be eligible to be considered for financial hardship provisions.

Depending on your individual situation, your fees may be reduced or waived, with the Federal Government paying all or some of these costs.

After you are assessed for your income-tested care fee, you can speak to a St Ives Home Care staff member for further assistance or we may be able to assist you with an application for financial hardship through the Department of Human Services.

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