circle-assessmentSt Ives Home Care is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of service for our clients and their families, as well as providing a safe working environment for our staff.

Our various businesses meet a variety of industry accreditation standards.

Through our commitment to continuous quality improvement, St Ives Home Care strives to meet not only the government Home Care Standards but also to achieve best practice outcomes for all of our clients and staff.

We have a dedicated quality management team working with the wider team to oversee our quality management system and the policies, procedures and processes that underpin the day to day delivery of care and services.

Here are some of the quality measures, accreditation and certifications in place at St Ives Home Care.

Government approved provider

St Ives Home Care maintains accreditation through achieving full compliance at regular government auditing reviews/visits and meeting all funding reporting requirements.

As an approved provider of care we are recognised and funded through the following government bodies:

  • Department of Health
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • Home and Community Care/Commonwealth Home Support Program, and
  • Disability Services.

We undergo regular compliance audits by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) who audit against the Home Care Standards including:

  • Standard one: Effective management
  • Standard two: Appropriate access and service delivery, and
  • Standard three: Service user rights and responsibilities.

Approved providers are required to meet all 18 expected outcomes across the three Standards to maintain accreditation.

Client feedback

We value client feedback on our care and services and continually review and improve our service delivery based on this feedback.

To ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients, we regularly seek and monitor feedback via:

  • annual satisfaction surveys
  • feedback forms in the client in-home file
  • the ongoing collection of verbal and written suggestions, and
  • the review and monitoring of complaints and compliments.

All our client feedback gathered both formally and informally is reviewed regularly, and where we can, put improvements in place.

Staff training

As well as undergoing mandatory care training and meeting a variety of competencies, our staff regularly take part in ongoing training and professional development initiatives to ensure they are across the latest developments and approaches to providing care in the home.

Our training partner ATA Training works closely with our management and staff to customise training around the changing needs of our clients and the changing landscape of the home, disability and aged care industries.

Embracing technology – Home Care Connect

Our national scheduling system is supported by our customised rostering and scheduling App Home Care Connect. Home Care Connect connects our remotely working care staff with the office, making the day to day delivery of care in homes across Australia safer, smarter and more efficient.

All St Ives Home Care support workers have a Samsung Galaxy smart phone, pre-loaded with Home Care Connect. Staff are able to securely view a list of their clients 24-hours a day at least two weeks in advance of every allocated shift. The technology allows us to alert the client immediately about their support worker’s whereabouts, giving that person peace of mind.

Learn more about how Home Care Connect is improving home care delivery.

Accessible home care information

Our website has been designed to offer greater accessibility to a wider range of users and software agents. We hold high regard for the needs of users with disabilities such as those with vision or hearing issues, plus a range of cognitive limitation and learning disabilities, and appreciate that our content may be accessed from a multitude of devices including mobile phones.

Our website meets Level A standards and some aspects of Level AA of world standards (based on the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Most content is available in an alternative format. For example, text content can be read audibly by a web/screen reader.

Additionally, you can use our text size tool (located top right hand side of this website) to make the text on this site larger, as well as translate all pages into your preferred language using the Google Translator tool (please select your preferred language from the top right hand side pull down menu).

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