St Ives Home Care offers a range of home nursing care services to those needing specialised and flexible nursing home care tailored to both short or long term healthcare needs and goals.

If you or a loved one wish to stay at home but have a health problem, either temporary or ongoing, you may benefit from St Ives Home Care home nursing care services.

You might also be looking to recover the independence you were used to at home after an episode in hospital or sudden health decline. St Ives Home Care can customise a package of care including nursing home care services around your temporary health care needs.

St Ives Home Care employs qualified Registered and Enrolled Nurses, as well as a range of fully trained support staff.

Our staff can provide a range of home nursing services including, but not limited to:

  • wound care
  • continence management
  • case management services
  • stoma management
  • falls prevention
  • medication management
  • palliative care, and
  • acute/post acute services

You can access home nursing services through Government subsidised care programs such as home care packages, and also under St Ives Private Care. Veterans can access home nursing services with St Ives Home Care through the DVA Community Nursing Program.

Contact a St Ives Home Care office in your state to find about more about available home nursing services.

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