Accessing home care

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to access the right home care for your needs. That’s where St Ives Home Care can help.

We are proud to provide the following handy drop down guide to the different types of aged care assessments that you may come across in relation to the different types of care programs. Please contact us if you would like more information.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, we can also help with a simple phone consultation and work with you and your loved ones to determine the right care to help you stay healthy and happy at home. This support could be delivered through government subsidised programs, private care, supplementary home care services in your local area, or a combination.

St Ives Home Care will talk through options with you and, if an aged care assessment is required, put you in touch with the appropriate assessment agency. Once all assessments are completed and eligibility is confirmed St Ives Home Care can begin providing your in-home care services.


Accessing home care services

Accessing home care packages

If you would like to access care at home, either for yourself or for a loved one, you may be eligible to have the associated costs subsidised by either the State or Federal Government.

Accessing government subsidised home care packages requires a free of charge ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment for people living in WA, QLD, NSW and NT, or an ACAS (Aged Care Assessment Service) assessment for Victorians.

Any older Australian living at home requiring extra assistance can be assessed and these teams will determine your eligibility for home care funding, as well as the level of care that would suit your requirements.

You can ask your GP, social worker or other health professional for a referral to your local ACAT / ACAS team. A discharge planner might also make this referral if you are in hospital. Alternatively you can also refer yourself directly.

The ACAT or ACAS team will come to you, usually at your home, and discuss with you and your family members (if you would like them present), your care needs. In consultation with you, they will determine your eligibility for home care and one of 4 levels of packaged care.

You may also like to let the ACAT / ACAS team know if you or a loved one assisting you with care, will be needing some temporary or respite assistance as part of this package.

We can also contact your local ACAT / ACAS team on your behalf. Simply click the ‘Get started’ button below and one of our friendly staff can help.

Accessing private care

Private care services do not require a formal government assessment. You simply need to contact us for an obligation free discussion about your needs.

Private care may suit you if you are not eligible for government subsidised home care packages, or if you want to top up a package with additional services to suit your needs.


Accessing care for veterans

If you are a government recognised veteran (hold a DVA gold or white health card) and are assessed by the Department of Veterans Affairs as needing in-home clinical care, then you may be able to access the Department of Veterans’ Affairs funded Community Nursing program offered by St Ives Home Care.

You will need a referral to the Veterans’ Home Care Assessment Agency to be assessed for this program. You can contact the agency by calling 1300 550 450. Your GP can also refer you.

You can ask to be referred to St Ives Home Care at this assessment. We are happy to help right from the start and you can contact us – click Get started.

Accessing additional home care services

We are happy to discuss with you all your options for additional services in your area.

There are additional government subsidised programs, as well as a variety community based services.

Please contact us for a friendly and obligation free discussion about your needs.

What services can I access without an assessment?

You can access St Ives Home Care Private Care without needing an assessment.

There are additional programs such as the Federally funded Commonwealth Home Support program that offers various respite and support services that may not require an assessment to access.

Please contact your local St Ives Home Care office to learn more.

Choosing your home care provider

You are able to choose which organisation provides your home care services.

Providers, such as St Ives Home Care, tender regularly to be granted Government subsidised home care packages and must offer these at prices that are regulated by the Government.

When you are ready for care, you should look at different providers and their approach to providing care.

St Ives Home Care is the largest providers of home care packages in Western Australia.

Please visit our About pages to learn more about St Ives Home Care and why we might be right for you.

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